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The Petrified Forest
Among the most beautiful and oldest geological heritage monuments worldwide, this UNESCO-protected natural monument has an area of 150,000 sq m, with hundreds of standing and fallen petrified tree trunks and volcanic rocks. There is no need to walk it all: the Natural History Museum in Sigri (part of the worldwide UNESCO Geopark Network) will satisfy your curiosity.
Lesvos’ position in the Eastern Mediterranean and its variety of wetlands provides it with impressive endemic birdlife as well as visits from migratory birds from Asia, Africa and elsewhere in Europe – at least 134 different kinds in total! Discover the wetlands in Agia Paraskevi, Dipios – Larsos and Kalloni, nesting places for rare and endangered birds. Nature lovers and scientists observe black and white storks, Ruddy, Avocets, jackdaws, shags and pink flamingos. The islets of Glaronisi and Myrmingi are a protected wild bird area and at Agios Georgios there is an ecological observatory.
Ouzo Museum in Plomari
The history of ouzo begins with the Greeks of Alexandria and Smyrna – experts in the techniques of distillation from the 15th century. Centuries later, the so-called rakitzides produced a spirit with anise and fragrant herbs, which charmed the affluent class of the Ottoman Empire. After the Asia Minor catastrophe, the rakitzides migrated to Greece and ouzo found in Lesvos the perfect homeland, due to its vineyards and exceptional quality of anise. Enjoy it straight or with water, and pair it with meze of all kinds, including fresh fish, the famous olives and oil of Mytilini, and the delicious ladotyri, a sheep’s milk cheese.
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